Oct 5th 2020 Sick of Feeling Inadequate?

Stuggling to Cope- Amanda Beirne Kinesiology

Sick Of Feeling inadequate?

People are sick of just surviving, tired of the constant voice in their head, done with feeling limited and powerless,  sick of supporting others to fulfil their dream but not going after their own. 

People are ready to step up, take control of their life, find mental clarity and empower themselves. They are done waiting for something to come along, the right sign, or an opportunity to just appear, they are ready to create it themselves. These are the people I work with.

Check out My Story to read my personal struggles with limiting beliefs and negative coping skills that all led to anxiety, a racing mind, self sabotaging behaviours as well as suffering from physical symptoms like food intolerances, fatigue, brain fog, constant infections, bloating and IBS.

I was weak. Weak minded and spineless. I made sure that every time I spoke, I referred to myself as the victim. Every time I perceived a situation I would find a way to explain (pathetically), that I always tried my best and struggled, but ‘at least I kept going’. 

I used my ‘beliefs’, to get people to buy into my stories. I would explain the difficult situation, then use my ‘all or nothing’ belief that I only ever give 100% and make myself out to be a martyr. I would use my ‘I’m an easy going person’, trade mark to make me ‘likeable’, to ensure I didn’t face conflict. Read more about how the long term effects displayed itself as fatigue and left me going down the road of autoimmune disease HERE. I would limit myself and speak down about myself so that others wouldn’t speak ill of me.

I judged myself to prove I wasn’t cocky. I kept myself small out of fear of feeling POWERFUL, fear of offending others, fear of judgement, fear of guilt; the list goes on, but then I got a taste of releasing these limits. I felt the compassion, the love and the purity that goes with freedom. There is no fear here, just a new perspective. One that sets me up to succeed, to gain a true sense of self and who I am without my fearful thought process. 

I no longer come from a place of fear or stress. I operate from my truth. If they don’t like it, they keep walking. It suits us both. Find your truth in empowerment, it’s only scary from a place of fear! I am here every step of the way for my clients as they walk their path to inner healing and create a balanced life.

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