Do you beat yourself up for having cravings?

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The ‘3pm slump’ doesn’t have to exist. Cravings can play on our mind constantly and destroy all will power. Cravings can have us constantly thinking about where I can get my next fix, or keeping junk in the car or handbag to always have a stash. People go to extreme lengths for cravings. Driving to the shops just for chocolate, stocking up at home and even hiding junk from others in the house.

The quick fix can tie us over for a few hours until we notice the eyes get heavy, the brain fog sets in, a change in mood and over time can leave us with fatigue. The brain can trick you into thinking the only way to carry on through the day is to have your sugar, tobacco or caffeine spike.

Stress can develop a need to keep our energy levels up. Blood sugar spikes cause the boost and the reason we go back to the item again and again, but the crash of the blood sugars is when we get the cravings. By this point, all will power is gone and we find ourselves craving the most processed or sugary foods while justifying it.

I have lived all of the above. The fatigue got so intense I was concerned about being on the road. I would even switch up my craving fix daily incase I became immune to them, so swapping out chocolate for caffeine one day, then on to sugary sweets the next. I still felt like me after every coffee, or some chocolate, so I couldn’t recognize I was barely surviving. All my focus was so caught up in the moment to just get through the morning, just get through the afternoon, just get to the gym that I couldn’t even see the exhaustion, the fatigue or the shutdown of my whole system that was coming my way.

That shut down hit big time and I had a choice to make. I chose to take responsibility. It was not easy, but every step gave me a taste of success and I was not going back. Getting off the sugar spike rollercoaster is not easy,,,,,,,,but it is so worth it.

Now I have control over my day, my mood, my diet as well as being able to identify the stressors in my life and avoid them. I learned so much I now help people to do the same. I’d love to hear your story and help you take responsibility over your cravings too.

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