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Amanda is a qualified Kinesiologist with over 6 years professional experience.

After graduating from the Kinesiology College of Ireland Amanda opened her own clinic’s in Dublin and Naas. 

From there, Amanda joined a well established Healing centre in Bali, Indonesia. Working alongside internationally recognised therapists, exposed her to transformative insights, training and experience.

Amanda further expanded her business, offering online sessions, to support her loyal international client base.

Since returning home, Amanda is delighted to continue supporting her clients world wide online, while also having set roots with her in-person clinic in Trim, Co.Meath.

Amanda’s work offers root cause solutions to the following long term illness and symptoms:

  • Physical – weight issues,PMS, bloating, digestive issues, constipation, sleep trouble, acne, sinus issues
  • Nutritional – allergies, sensitivities, deficiencies, toxicity bacterial infections, parasites and fungus
  • Emotional – stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low energy, daily overwhelm, fear/avoidance of confrontation, personal/professional boundary issues, racing mind, scripting conversations, over thinking/planning, controlling patterns
  • Spiritual – energetic imbalances, limiting beliefs, lacking trust in self and others.

Often clients come to Amanda defeated and disempowered with ongoing issues, aware that they need holistic support, as they actively work on their wellbeing in day to day life.

If you are ready to get clarity on the root cause of your symptoms and create balance in your body so it heals itself, get in touch to book in for your one to one session.

For those proactive in their wellness journey wanting to uplevel, Amanda offers bespoke programs for transformative healing.  To avail of your Free 30 minute exploratory consultation, contact Amanda on +3538526525 or amanda@amandasclinic.com.

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Using muscle testing to identify Electrical, Emotional, Nutritional and Structural concerns. Kinesiology balances the root cause using various techniques such as Structural Adjustments, Ancient Chinese Meridians, Nutrition, Homeopathy and more.

I was recommended by a friend to try Kinesiology for various health issues that were on my radar that needed attention. I didn’t know what the treatment would entail or had any knowledge of Kinesiology but boy was that to change.

In my first treatment I was totally amazed how Amanda pinpointed my health issues and at one point my stomach nearly rose up to meet her hand as she unblocked the energy in my kidneys/ stomach. These were long time areas of health problems, both physical and emotional.

With further treatments I had the same affect and success in relief of infections, pain & cramps. Amanda is excellent in her practice, very knowledgeable, intuitive, practical in her advice and most of all is a healer by nature.


I  took my 3 boys to see Amanda. 9, 12 and 15. The first boy I took was my 12 yo as he suffers from anxiousness and catastrophic thinking. The first thing Amanda picked up on was that
someone had recently passed away. I had booked the appointment before my dad passed away so when we came to the appointment he had only passed within the previous 2 weeks. Without me telling her she immediately picked up on it she also picked up on previous grief from year before when my niece passed away. My son needed a safe space to be sad and she worked on his by talking him through it and affirmed it with tapping which we had to carry on for a number of nights. He’s doing much better now.

My 9 year old was having terrible trouble with bed wetting and that is the first thing she fixed. She linked it to his feelings of embarrassment and through a talking and tapping technique he worked through it. She got him to talk about things I never heard him mention to me ever. His bed
wetting cleared up immediately with only occasional accidents as opposed to every night. This has been a dramatic change to our whole household.

She also saw my 15 year old who had alot of sickness as a small child and gets ill very easily now. She placed him on a probiotic and also did some talk technique and tapping to help him not feel exacerbated. He’s a lot more settled in himself since. Amanda is amazing with children and is just such a lovely person. The kids feel at ease with her and trust her completely.
I would highly recommend Amanda.


I am a different person thanks to my kinesiology sessions with Amanda. She has a natural ability to tap into the bodies needs and release issues on conscious and unconscious levels with such accuracy and sensitivity. Amanda is grounded and easy to talk with.  My sessions were in a safe space and relaxing, which allowed me to open up to heal and reconnect to myself.

I was living with limiting beliefs and limiting actions. Changing my values and beliefs has given me a sense of freedom and confidence to live my life fully. Through my sessions with Amanda, I have been able to identify periods in my life where these beliefs and values started. Through kinesiology balancing and learning different kinesiology techniques with Amanda I have been able to make effective changes. This awareness has given me understanding to continue make choices to help me to live a happier healthier holistic life.

Thank you Amanda I am so grateful for our sessions together.


I can highly recommend Amanda as a very gifted and amazing  intuitive Kinesiologist, who works in a professional  and compassionate manner. Amanda has a calm, grounded and wonderful presence. The treatments I received  were non-invasive, non-threatening.  They were highly effective and profoundly moving on a physical and emotional level.
Anthony Flannery.

Anthony Flannery

Last month, I had an online kinesiology session with Amanda. Had never had a kinesiology session online, andit  turned out the same as a physical session. 
Amanda helped me with releasing certain emotions and limiting beliefs, by talking with me and supporting my body to release the stuck emtoions  from my body.
The body’s muscle testing she did was very accurate and showed I had deep feelings of guilt, shame and loneliness stored within me. Which is why I got her to help me.
By providing me with EFT exercices (emotional release tapping technique) and affirmations to repeat for over 10 days, I was able to release a lot of my current stored emotions and I feel a lot better now!
The result after 3 days was there already and felt a lot lighter and more joyful.
If you’re hesitating trying out kinesiology, don’t hesitate working with Amanda because this is a very accurate technique and she is very knowledgeable and a person you can open up to freely.
Much love xx
Stephanie Desquerre


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