Meet Amanda Beirne,
A Kinesiologist Expert

Amanda is a qualified Kinesiologist with over 6 years professional experience.

After graduating from the Kinesiology College of Ireland Amanda opened her own clinic’s in Dublin and Naas.

From there, Amanda joined a well established Healing centre in Bali, Indonesia. Working alongside internationally recognised therapists, exposed her to transformative insights, training and experience.

Amanda further expanded her business, offering online sessions, to support her loyal international client base.

Since returning home, Amanda is delighted to continue supporting her clients world wide online, while also having set roots with her in-person clinic in Trim, Co.Meath.

Amanda’s work offers root cause solutions to the following long term illness and symptoms:

  • Physical – weight issues,PMS, bloating, digestive issues, constipation, sleep trouble, acne, sinus issues
  • Nutritional – allergies, sensitivities, deficiencies, toxicity bacterial infections, parasites and fungus
  • Emotional – stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low energy, daily overwhelm, fear/avoidance of confrontation, personal/professional boundary issues, racing mind, scripting conversations, over thinking/planning, controlling patterns
  • Spiritual – energetic imbalances, limiting beliefs, lacking trust in self and others.

Often clients come to Amanda defeated and disempowered with ongoing issues, aware that they need holistic support, as they actively work on their wellbeing in day to day life.

If you are ready to get clarity on the root cause of your symptoms and create balance in your body so it heals itself, get in touch to book in for your one to one session.

For those proactive in their wellness journey wanting to uplevel, Amanda offers bespoke programs for transformative healing.  To avail of your Free 30 minute exploratory consultation, contact Amanda on +3538526525 or

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