Meet Amanda Beirne,
A Kinesiologist Expert With A Passion For Helping Others

After years of crippling symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, depression & digestive pain, Amanda had become totally overwhelmed. After finding Kinesiology all her symptoms cleared. She was determined to learn all she could about Kinesiology to support others just like her.

She studied at the Kinesiology College of Ireland under Ger Casey, The Faculty of Kinesiology for Ireland, completed modules by Wayne Topping and completed practical clinic days with Ger in her personal clinic. With over 6 years experience of supporting children with ASD, 2 years experience of helping people to heal in her clinic, she is passionate when supporting people in overcoming phobias and anxiety, grief, digestive issues, allergies and intolerances, physical pain, hormonal imbalances and many more symptoms that affect their daily life.

Her personal experience of a racing mind and self judgment layered with gut issues supports her to truly connect on a personal level while testing the impact of stress on individuals, as the human body is not a one ‘fix’ fits all. Her enthusiasm to help comes from knowing it is possible to overcome debilitating fear, restless nights, constant fatigue, or behavioral issues in children by testing for the root cause.

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Meet Amanda Beirne,
A Kinesiologist Expert With A Passion For Helping Others

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