Fatigue can leave us at our wits end!

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“I can’t sit down or I won’t get back up again”, is something I often hear from people suffering with fatigue. Fatigue can cause people to be highly emotional, irritable, lacking in patience, cravings or never feeling like there is enough time to get tasks done. They find they can’t switch off at night and then they’re stuck to the bed in the morning.

Long term stress can eventually lead to illness or auto immune diseases. It can be brought on from shift work, past traumas, depression /anxiety, or when work or life style has many or intense demands.

Many people believe the symptoms of fatigue are something they have to live with. Often this is because they feel they have tried everything but without results. It is important to find what works for each individual. Just because something worked for someone doesn’t mean it will suit others.

My fatigue showed itself mostly through my gut. I developed allergies and sensitivities.  I tried specific diets, supplements, cutting back my work hours, but it only got worse. I then developed leaky gut, where the gut lining becomes so weak even the bad stuff gets into the entire system and weakens the immune system. This left me so vulnerable for infections and I was on the road to auto immune diseases.

Through Kinesiology, I was able to find what my body needed to heal. Not just address symptoms. It brought up the root cause of the allergies in the first place as well as nourishing my body with the good stuff I needed to heal my gut. This meant no more aimlessly spending money on what I thought I needed but creating changes that I knew would heal me and seeing results all the time which kept my motivation high.

I have lived this and know it can be done. I share my story in the hope that others will see they can heal to.

Hopefully this can help someone else too.



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