Why overcoming Hormonal Symptoms can be so difficult!!

Weight loss with hormonal imbalances.
In theory,,,it sounds great.
In theory, most of the supplements, diets or nutrition plans you may have researched, offer weight loss support with hormonal balancing; yet so fmany Women DO NOT get the results they want??
If there is any level of inflammation, bloating, IBS symptoms, intolerances, or other digestive issues, the gut lining can’t absorb the nutrients from your food/ supplements.
An under nourished system will have some degree of hormone imbalances making weight loss extremely difficult. An under nourished system, as well as other symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, thrush, constipation etc, is the perfect host for an over growth of bacteria, yeast, and parasite. 
The body will not prioritise weight loss, while this is the case.
What to do!!
This is what we mean when we talk ‘root cause ‘.
Instead of battling with weight loss, we prioritize gut healing so that the body can rest, heal and replenish.
Hence the profound results that change people’s lives.
When you find what works for you, you get back to feeling like yourself,  have your efforts pay off and reach your long term goals.
It shouldn’t be a struggle if it’s actually meant for you.
Uncomfortable at times, yes, not not exhausting, overwhelming or disheartening.
So if In theory is sounds great, but it’s not working, feel free to get in touch.
I offer a FREE hormonal Consultation to anyone looking to balance their hormones, regulate their bleed, or overcome PCOS symptoms.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions:

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