Is our self judgment causing anxiety?

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Some people tend to worry about everything, or fear the worst in every situation, others find social interactions difficult with a constant fear of being embarrassed, judged or feeling like everyone is looking at them. This can lead to people beating themselves up for saying or doing the ‘wrong’ thing.

Anxiety can cause people to blow events out of proportion with the possibilities of what ‘could’ happen which often leaves them missing out on experiences. When anxiety really grabs a hold of someone’s mind, it can take over their thoughts and feel like the voice inside their head has all the control. This leaves it very hard to explain what they are feeling and how it affects them.

A level of fear is needed for survival, but when we become lost in worry or convince ourselves to miss out on social gatherings due to the voice in our head, the survival instinct does not apply. Instead the anxiety creates a full time stressed state in the body. This can cause digestive issues, skin problems, weight concerns, and many more symptoms, as the body struggles to cope in this stressful environment.

By releasing the underlying cause of the anxiety it allows the brain to disregard this habitual negative way of thinking. When these thought patterns have been diffused, we begin to create more functional coping methods in these situations. This allows one to live a healthier life with confidence. It empowers people to take back control over their thoughts and behaviours, which can feel like pure freedom for one who has suffered with anxiety.

Bressie speaks brilliantly about how we CAN take control back over our mind. Thoughts can build to panic so quickly but that is not ‘who we are’, they are just thoughts. It may seem scary but just like learning anything else new, with a bit of practice it is achievable, giving you back courage and peace in your head.

I hope someone can take something from this and begin their healing journey.

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