Some people find their mind races at night!

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People often find that when they lie down to go to sleep their mind becomes ‘over active’. Racing thoughts, worry or running through conversations they would like to have with someone, can prevent them from falling asleep for hours. This can lead to frustration, dread of going to bed in the first place and exhaustion throughout the following day. People who suffer with this will comment on how it affects their mood, leaving them short tempered and hostile and unconsciously snapping at those closest to them.

It can be so frustrating to wake up not feeling rested, longing to go to bed all day to find that when you get there you can’t fall asleep. It can feel like there is no way to change it.

Too many people suffer with this unaware they can resolve this issue and look forward to full restful night’s sleep to wake refreshed. Feeling rested can give people back their motivation and joy for life. We shouldn’t want to count the hours of the day away!

Some tips are great such as avoiding screens and winding down before bed, however often people who suffer with a racing mind feel this is too little too late. By taking time out during the day, such as eating your lunch slowly and mindfully, increasing your level of exercise or some deep breaths can prevent the mind from becoming so intensely worked up come night time.

I hope this can help someone who finds their mind keeps them awake at night.

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