The Complete Wellness Series


These workshops support nervous system regulation, and insights through Kinesiology, are repayable, & let you melt in from the comfort of your own home. But they also give you an insight to me and how I work. Many people use these as a stepping stone before exploring my courses which offer bespoke bio-energetic testing to identify root cause imbalances for instant relief, clarity and deep-rooted healing, breaking you free of physical symptoms, generational trauma and transcending emotional blockages.

This Complete Wellness Series includes:

Nutritional Wellness Workshop:

Experience a real-time Kinesiology technique to reprogram the beliefs that keep you stuck around nutrition, understand the point of symptoms and how you can work with them instead of fighting them to support the body to heal itself.

Hormonal Wellness Workshop

When nothing else has worked to balance your hormones, it’s time to change the approach. Your body is wise, and hormonal imbalance is generally a response to chronic disruptors. But chronic means merely removing the disruptors is now not enough. If this approach irritates you with its slow nurturing approach- you’re on the right path. Here we emphasise balancing the masculine-feminine energies in your life and body to create hormonal balance and wellness.

Emotional Wellness Workshop

Recognition of the body’s wisdom is to recognise where restraints defeating habits or sabotaging behaviours actually served you. They worked for a time, which is fantastic, and when the time comes that they no longer serve you, the only way forward in balance is to offer gratitude for those behaviours. I will teach you this in this workshop.

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